About us

The international medical training and research centre „Doctors SafeTrain” is designated for professional continuing education and future growth of medical practitioners, veterinary doctors and ancillary medical personnel. The centre is the result of mutual cooperation of two Latvia’s leading universities:

  • Riga Stradiņš University – internationally recognized establishment of higher education for training of medical professionals, and
  • Latvia University of Agriculture Faculty of Veterinary Medicine with the most sophisticated clinics in the Baltics.


Our mission

To minimize the incidence of medical errors in patient treatment and care by offering professional continuing education support aimed at improved healthcare quality in medical treatment institutions and enhanced prestige of the medical profession.

The importance of continuing professional education for upgrading one’s professional competences and skills is growing on a daily basis. In an age where time has become a crucial asset patient flow in clinics is constantly increasing.
Surgery is a state of mind! Improvement and upgrading of surgical proficiency, particularly for young surgeons, is an acute necessity and a vital condition precedent for the formation of an outstanding professional career!
We have consciously selected the name of the centre SafeTrain – reminding of the necessity to organize personal training in circumstances imitating real-life conditions at an operating room with live tissue. This is a valuable opportunity for upgrading the qualification of medical personnel in conformity with the approved EU standards. For a surgeon to operate on a human body the professional has to be well prepared and the course of the operation should be smooth.

Our task

To ensure ripeness of theoretical knowledge and practical skills of medicinal practitioners for each training participant to gain a level of certainty on the newly acquired knowledge and ability to apply the obtained skills in a maximally safe manner.

Our centre Training options

Thematic, reality approximated workshops during which the participants acquire theoretical knowledge and practical skills. We offer an opportunity to train on up-to-date surgical tools, have access to qualified instructors and narcotized live tissue. The training is supervised by highly qualified professionals of the relevant field from local clinics, likewise from other Baltic and European countries. The framework of the offered training allows practicing in laparoscopic surgery, gynaecology, minimally invasive pediatric surgery, trauma surgery etc. starting with base training and passing over to more complex matters.

Surgical training for department’s chief physician and his/her team

For strengthening the skills base, the chief physician together with his/her team act under most realistic conditions possible. Training is intended for the improvement of complex surgical skills, repetition and strengthening of acquired knowledge. We offer an excellent opportunity to practice in a modern operating room on narcotized or euthanized live tissue in tissue patterns close to reality. 

Workshops based on client’s agenda

It is of vital importance for every manufacturer or distributor of a particular product to take proper measures for him to be sure that potential and current clients know how to apply the product correctly and that his employees know how to present it best. We will assist you with organization and, if necessary, conduct respective training based on the client’s agenda.

Product users’ training

Complex training involving a new product and acquisition of operating methodology by using patient replacement models (live and replacement tissue).

We offer

Modern operating rooms accordingly equipped with surgical tools and equipment necessary for undergoing manipulations and for ensuring continuing education of medical practitioners and medical staff.

Language of instruction

Training is organized in Latvian, Russian and English.

Available services: 

  • planning of workshops and study courses

  •  instructors’ presence

  • notification of participants

  • organization of training in cooperation with the relevant medical association

  • tools, equipment and materials

  • organization of breaks during study courses

  • course planning in compliance with the applicable laws and ethical norms

Additional services:

To groups

  • best flights to Riga,

  • hotel,

  • transfer.


If you want to take a break from the daily haste, take a restart and devote time for comprehensive knowledge acquisition, the necessity of taking a good rest before or after an intense training session should not be neglected. At your request and based upon your wishes and preferences we will organize active leisure, a culture event or gourmet activities allowing the mind and the body to rest and recover in anticipation of an intense training session. In the event you have arrived together with your family and would like to prolong your stay, we can offer a respective programme and activities for family leisure.