Our mission

Since new technologies are entering the clinical practice also experienced surgeons should be able to acquire new operating methods.
Training Centre Doctors SafeTrain was founded with the aim to produce well-trained surgeons as well as veterinarians who can operate safely and skilfully demonstrating the advantages of latest technologies. We believe that this educational process is to be supervised by the leading European experts.

Emphasis in training in the centre is on the education of surgeons and operation nurses.

The two words Safe Train which are included in the title underline that the training of medical staff should be provided in the operation room where the conditions are similar to a real operating room using trainers and live tissue. When starting to operate on a clinic patient the surgeon`s skills must be sufficient so that he could deal with unexpected situations on his own.

We are able to organize combined courses in the University Hospitals of Riga and in the Faculty of Veterinary. In the lecture room we can demonstrate the live operation performed by an expert in the human operation room, an expert can also explain the steps of the operation to the visitors, and the visitors can ask questions to the operating surgeon.

We can organize courses in different languages (Russian, English, etc).

The Training Centre ā€œDoctors SafeTrainā€ Board appreciates the support and assistance of the rectors and teaching staff of Riga Stradins University and the Latvian University of Agriculture. We expect not only Latvian doctors, veterinarians and medical nurses but also medical doctors, veterinarians and medical nurses from other countries to be able to enrich their knowledge with the latest achievements and experience in medicine and to use them in their routine medical practice.